Beth Jacob Congregation of Kitchener-Waterloo


Beth Jacob Congregation has been serving the Jewish community of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge for more than a century. Founded in 1908, Beth Jacob is a modern Orthodox synagogue with congregants from different observances.

Regular minyan times (other minyanim may vary):

Thursday mornings at 7:15 AM 
     ♦   7:00 AM on Rosh Chodesh or Chol HaMoed

Shabbat & Yom Tov mornings at 9:30 AM 
     ♦   Children's service at 10:45 AM
     ♦   Kiddush lunch every week at 12:30 PM


The office is normally open
Mondays to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


High Holiday SCHEDULE

Wednesday September 20
•   07:05 PM:    1st night of Rosh HaShana evening services
•   07:05 PM:    Candle lighting before this time

Thursday September 21 - Rosh HaShana Day 1
•   08:30 AM:    1st day of Rosh HaShana morning services
•   10:30 AM:    Shofar & children's service begins (approximate)
•   06:30 PM:    Community Tashlich ritual (meet behind the shul)
•   07:00 PM:    2nd night of Rosh HaShana evening services
•   08:04 PM:    Candle lighting after this time

Friday September 22 - Rosh HaShana Day 2
•   08:30 AM:    2nd day of Rosh HaShana morning services
•   10:30 AM:    Shofar & children's service begins (approximate)
•   06:04 PM:    Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat
•   07:02 PM:    Candle lighting before this time

Shabbat September 23
•   09:30 AM:    Shabbat morning services
•   11:00 AM:    Children's service begins
•   08:08 PM:    Havdalah

Sunday September 24
•   05:46 AM:    Fast of Gedalia begins
•   09:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Rabbi Zuckerman available at the cemetery
•   11:00 AM:    Community Holocaust Memorial Service at the cemetery
•   07:58 PM:    Fast of Gedalia ends

Friday September 29
•   06:15 AM:    Erev Yom Kippur Mincha / Maariv, including Kol Nidre
•   06:49 PM:    Fast begins

Shabbat September 30 - Yom Kippur
•   09:00 AM:    Yom Kippur morning services 
•   09:40 AM:    Cantorial service begins (approximately)
•   11:00 AM:    Children's service begins
•   11:15 AM:    Community Yizkor service (approximately)
•   05:00 PM:    Yom Kippur Mincha, reading of the book of Jonah
•   06:30 PM:    Ne'ila service, followed by Ma'ariv
•   07:55 PM:    Fast ends, community break fast meal in the social hall

The complete Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur schedules are online in a printable PDF format.

Additionally, the complete Sukkot & Simchat Torah schedules are online in a printable PDF format.

Haftorah Reading Volunteers Sought

Seeking Haftorah volunteers - sign up today using this public Google Doc!

Order your Lulav & etrog

Lulav & Etrog purchases are again being offered: 

$45 for a basic set         |         $65 for a  premium set.  

Contact the Rabbi before September 15th to reserve. Payment in cash only; you can pay at the office during regular hours: Mondays to Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, or forward payment to the Rabbi directly.

The Larry Matlow Z"L Memorial Social Evening

Tuesday, Nov 7th 6:30p. Tickets are $75, and may now be ordered online.

Yom Kippur Break Fast 

Pizza! Salads! Desserts!

No cost to attend, but please consider offsetting the costs of this event with partial sponsorship in memory of a loved or in honor of someone you appreciate.

Shabbat Dinner In The SukkaH

Friday night October 6th. Register online today!

blood donation drive

OTHER Upcoming events

Our calendar of events can always be viewed at


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