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Our Synagogue 

Thank you for your interest in our synagogue!  Whether you are a newcomer, or have lived here for a long time, or are just visiting, we are happy to welcome you into our “shul family”.

Beth Jacob is a Modern Orthodox shul with Jews from all over the world. Our charm stems from the diversity of our membership's backgrounds and our commitment to inclusivity: At Beth Jacob, people with no Judaic upbringing join individuals raised in Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox families. Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued, and we strive to ensure that everyone feels comfortable while maintaining a halachically authentic community institution. We are proud to have about 100 member families, including many Israelis. 

Originally founded in the city of Kitchener in 1908, the rapidly-expanding congregation inaugurated the current campus in the early 1960's. Aside from the recently-renovated beautiful main sanctuary, Beth Jacob contains a smaller auxiliary chapel, a multipurpose auditorium, a catering-capable kosher kitchen, a library, and classroom space.

Beth Jacob provides a friendly environment in which to experience and explore our rich Jewish heritage. We do this through regular minyan, exciting Shabbat services for adults and youth, Kiddush lunches, educational classes, Israel advocacy, and the many holiday celebrations and extracurricular activities we enjoy together. We also maintain a very active youth program, including our after-school Talmud Torah Jewish education curriculum. Copies of our helpful guide to services are available in the sanctuary.

Please join us for Shabbat services (starting at 9:30am), followed by Kiddush lunch. We would be happy to arrange home hospitality for a Shabbat, or for meals if needed. Please contact the office so we can put you in touch with our hospitality committee.


We would love to have you become a part of our membership family.  For more information and to request a free information packet, please call our office at 519.743.8422. 


Some frequently asked questions from potential members:

Why should I go to an Orthodox shul if I am not orthodox?

Members of our shul come from varied religious backgrounds. Our philosophy is that labels in Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, etc.) divide rather than unite us. In truth, there is only one kind of Jew… and that is a Jew.

What if I am not comfortable reading Hebrew? Will I be able to follow the service?

All our daily prayer books include both Hebrew and English text. While the formal prayers are conducted in Hebrew, explanations regarding the prayers and Torah service are in English. We find comfort in knowing that G-d understands all languages. 

Why should I join a Shul? My life is too busy…I have so many other things to do on Saturday…

This is a tough one, mainly because most people have lived their lives with routines on Saturday that have not allowed them to capture and enjoy the beauty and gift that is Shabbat. The best way to explain what coming to Shul on Shabbat does for a person is this: How many times, as a parent, have you sat and tried to convince your child at the dinner table that the new food you have put before him is delicious, if only he would try it. So after a few minutes, your child agrees to take that bold step and ‘give it a taste.’ The next few seconds can only be described as ‘magical,’ as you watch your child’s eyes light up with a radiance of happiness that gives each one of us as parents a warm feeling…he loved it.

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