Free Adult Education classes open to the entire Jewish community!  You don't have to know anything about Judaism.  Come to learn and ask questions, and enjoy some snacks and coffee with us.

Upcoming Topics

Israel: Residing in Israel - Is it a mitzvah? 

Israel: Land for Peace - What's the Jewish view of this complex issue? 

Israel: Redeeming POWs - Must we release hundreds of terrorists to fulfill the mitzvah? 

Israel: Retrieving Corpses for Burial - To what extent should a soldiers risk their lives for the bodies of fallen comrades? 

Israel: The Temple Mount - Are Jews allowed to enter? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage:  Conversion Standards - May one convert with the intention of not being fully observant? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage:  Nullifying Conversions - Can a court revoke a proselyte's status? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage:  Converting Out of Judaism - Am I Jewish if my mother converted to Christianity before I was born? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage: Intermarriage - Where in the Torah is it prohibited? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage: Non Marital Sexual Relations - Are they always forbidden? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage: Civil Marriage - Does Jewish Law recognize it? 

Jewish Identity and Marriage:  Orthodoxy and Homosexuality - What is the Jewish Law position?  

Mon, August 21 2017 29 Av 5777