Lending Library (Furniture, Tools, BabY Items)

Rabbi Zuckerman is coordinating a G'MaCh lending library for the Beth Jacob community. The term G'MaCh is an acronym for "GeMilat Chessed", referring to any act of kindness which may include sharing, borrowing, lending, or giving away. This Chessed institution is in keeping with our recognition of the primality of "loving-kindness" as a community value and obligation.

Contact Rabbi Zuckerman to offer or inquire about furniture, tools, and baby items as available in the G'MaCh lending library. Items in the G'MaCh are not centrally stored; instead, Rabbi Zuckerman keeps a record of who has what available, and who might benefit from certain items, and then facilitates loans while maintaining anonymity of all parties.

If you know of someone particularly in need of assistance, or if you are interested in joining the Chessed Committee, please email the Rabbi at rabbi@bethjacobkw.ca.

Sister cause: Mercaz Female in Israel

Beth Jacob has adopted Mercaz Female as a sister organization to support from afar. Mercaz Female provides intensive life-saving outpatient treatment of girls and women in Israel who struggle with eating disorders.
Visit their
mercazfemale.org, and please consider helping them.


Donations to the synagogue and/or the Rabbi's discretionary fund are always welcome.

Giving to the discretionary fund is among the most selfless and dignified forms of charity: Donor and recipients remain anonymous, thereby protecting the dignity of the needy and disassociating the act of giving from personal reward or public recognition. Rabbi Zuckerman works hand-in-hand with the executive board of Beth Jacob to ensure proper oversight while balancing discreteness.

To avoid any possible impropriety, Rabbi Zuckerman has a strict policy against accepting cash donations for any purpose, discretionary fund or otherwise. Instead, the synagogue office accepts payments by cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa. Donations may also be made on this website via PayPal, at bethjacobkw.ca/form/donate.

Tue, June 19 2018 6 Tammuz 5778