Our Rabbi & Synaguge Staff

Beth Jacob is proud to have Rabbi Nevo Zuckerman as its spiritual leader. Rabbi Zuckerman is an accomplished educator and public speaker, in addition to being a learned halachic authority as well as a practicing Sofer (scribe). 

Rabbi Zuckerman is a member-in-good-standing of the Rabbinic Council of America (RCA) affiliated with the Orthodox Union (OU). He recieved his rabbinic ordination for Yeshivat HaMivtar, and was additionally conferred further Smicha by other prominant rabbis.

He has spent many years serving as a volunteer chaplain with police departments internationally, and has a special relationship with the Waterloo Region District Police (WRDP). Rabbi Zuckerman frequently joins WRDP officers for ride-alongs during night shifts, and has been called upon by the police to help mediate domestic conflicts by people of all faiths.

In his spare time Rabbi Zuckerman is an avid rock climber, surfer, basketball player, and general sports enthusiast. You can be sure to find him at Beth Jacob's regular weekly men's basketball games, which take place in the full-size basketball court that doubles as Beth Jacob's social hall.

Rabbi Zuckerman can be contacted confidentially at rabbi@bethjacobkw.ca.


Other Synagogue Staff & Board Members

     Simon Adler - click here to read the president's annual Yom Kippur address to the community.

     Steve Norris & Jeff Templeton

     Margo McIsaac

     Randy Adams

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